We don’t need no stinking convicts

Five Things I Learnt On My First Dérive: North Adelaide

1: It Stinks. 

Local houses, Nth Adelaide
Everywhere smells. Not in a bad way: North Adelaide has a constant fragrant scent of wood fires and rose, with a bit of lavender thrown in for an ‘old lady’ perfume. It’s quite lovely actually. Coming from the hotbed of Brisbane after almost four years, catching a whiff of fresh rose on crisp air is a bit of a treat, and one that immediately took my back to my childhood home (which some would argue wasn’t much different from Adelaide – cheeky buggers). At night, the air gets cooler and the fires come out again, and what was rose becomes an almost overwhelming smell in the air of peppercorn trees, so strong it makes untrained eyes water. Read More »

It’s about the journey, not the destination….

‘my first post ever, from 2010. i need to get deriving again….’
Will Self once said that people today are “decoupled from physically geography.” He observes that walking “blows back the years, especially in urban contexts. The solitary walker is, himself, an insurgent against the contemporary world, an ambulatory time traveler.” A little bit wordy, a little bit wanky, but not far off the mark. La dérive is a term that was first coined by the Situationist movement in France that rose to prominence in the 1950s. With theories that sat somewhere next to or between the Anarchist and the Marxist movements, the Situationists thought of the dérive as a sort of ‘emotional foot journey’:  following the innate emotions that lead one to certain corners and areas of a city or region.Read More »