Up the lazy river

There are many things you don’t expect to encounter when you’re riding along a popular bike track: a cemetery is one of them.

Adelaide isn’t enormous and it’s easy to get around. 14kms from the city centre lies the Adelaide Hills to the east, and the beaches to the south. With such gorgeous weather lately staying inside doesn’t really seem an option, so on Sunday we rented bikes from one of the city bike centres and headed to the coast. Read More »

Give way to penguins

June is one of my favourite times of the year. I love the change in seasons, I love winter fires, and I particularly love the long weekend that always falls on the second Monday of the month. The Queen’s birthday weekend is the one that I tend to be a bit more adventurous on, and has lead to some pretty interesting trips: I can’t help but remember the year when Ross and I decided to drive to Tamworth from Sydney and got caught in flooded waters in Muswellbrook and fog that came straight from a John Carpenter film over the Great Dividing Range near Murrurundi. It was the first time I’d seen snow as close as it was to the town at that time of the year, and it was also a fairly eventful weekend for others: many in Newcastle will remember it as the weekend they finally got a (albeit temporary) tourist hot spot with the Pasha Bulker running aground. Oh how they flocked to that one…….

What a bunch of corks

I’ve done it. I’ve finally escaped Adelaide city, and headed out into the
regional areas of South Australia. And now I can add another wine region to the list of ‘been there, done that, going back again’ experiences. Three years ago, on our last trip to SA we’d cycled the Reisling trail in the Clare Valley; we’d dodged old railway tracks and rabbits, and wobbled between some of the country’s oldest wineries on a cold, but very memorable day.Read More »