Same, but different

New blog format and design! Hopefully this is much easier to read, share and access for everybody. There’s a few changes and new additions: I’ve added a couple of different pages for you to navigate, which will be expanded and become far more interesting in the future. I’ve got my twitter feed on the side: most of you don’t follow me on twitter, so I’ll warn you that I’m far more opinionated and less censored – sorry! You’ll also find links to my Instagram main page, which will have photos that I can’t fit on here, and in time there’ll be links to other pages of interest, other websites etc. I’ve got a minion now who’ll be going through the tough job of having to eat and drink in various pubs all over town in order to sample the wares and check out the atmosphere: everybody feel sorry for Ross who’ll have to drink lots of boutique beer and eat copious amounts of pie floaters and gourmet cheeses along the way. (*collective sigh*)

As this gets a bit more interesting I’ll be adding some more info and updates via the Facebook page, so do my ego a favour and pretend you’re interested by clicking on the badge on the right hand side. Don’t forget to leave some comments and suggestions, and let me know if anything I write stinks: the only thing worse than a bad writer is a bad writer who thinks they’re a brilliant writer.

Stay tuned for some decent updates in the next couple of weeks!!!

x K

PS – I’m in the middle of mapping the original address of La Dérive to this site. Hopefully by the end of next week, it’ll be at its old home Sorry for the inconvenience: I just know you’ve saved it in your ‘favourites’ 😉


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