Beware the Rhino

‘an oldie from la derive which i love because it was pre-move to melbourne….’ My greatest fear when travelling to Melbourne is that an army of hipster trendy types in skinny jeans and thick-rimmed glasses will rise up and, as a collective on their über chic fixie bikes, take over the city one latte at […]

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It’s a sign……

There’s a popular belief amongst Australians that Adelaide is approximately half an hour and 30 years behind the Eastern states. I don’t know about ‘behind in the times’ as such, but they certainly do have some interesting ideas about advertising, dress code and signage! Here’s a little collection of some of the gems I’ve found […]

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Go-Carts go crazy: The Adelaide Pedal Prix

I’ve noticed since moving to a city that doesn’t have bike tracks right alongside a huge river, that I’ve been a lot more inclined to give cycling a go. My history with bicycles is one fraught with danger, fear and injury. Advertisements

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