On A Carousel

I can’t actually remember the last time I headed to a show day, but I wasn’t missing The Royal Adelaide Show in my first year down here! Ross didn’t know what a showbag was, so there was no excuse really: I needed to put him straight (seriously – no showbags in the UK?!?! Isn’t that some sort of form of denial of sugar liberties???)

Here are some shots of my favourite parts of the day. Highlights include a very amorous alpaca, a rooster that struts better than Mick Jagger, a slightly traumatised sheep fresh from the shearing competition and a sideshow display of what can only be described as trussed and tortured Kermit dolls!

Lesson of the day: no matter how tame you think the Ferris Wheel is, do not attempt to ride it while sitting backwards after consuming two glasses of strong wine and various sugary treats. The wheel wasn’t the only thing going round in circles by the end of the day: my stomach was definitely heading that way too! Just as a side note: since when are Pluto Pups called Dagwood Dogs?? And when did they decide to increase the risk of heart disease by making foot long versions?

The day was topped off by an impromptu pub crawl back home, and a new local has been found! Hotel Wright Street (in Wright Street, coincidentally) is a funky, arty place to unwind with some pretty amazing wines and beers on tap (including Dirty Granny cider: asking for that one is always a bit interesting) and a menu that changes depending on the availability of fresh local produce. I can’t wait until the cider garden is open for summer!

Wine of the Week: Kersbrook Hill Wines. I’m not picking a variety this week: I had the pleasure of meeting the guys from Kersbrook Wines at the show and trying a few of their reds. Very tasty indeed.

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