Uncorked: Wynns Coonawarra

I’m now blogging and tweeting every Friday fortnight on behalf of the National Wine Centre in Adelaide. At each ‘Uncorked’ and Meet The Maker, I’ll be meeting people, tasting wines and offering some insight from the point of view of wine lover, not expert. Follow me on twitter (MAC_KATIE), keep an eye out for the #adelaide, #natwinecentre and #uncorked tags, or check out the blogs every week here, or via the National Wine Centre on facebook. If you’re in town from 4:30pm onwards, drop by and sample some of the yummiest wines South Australia has to offer!

Let’s be honest: the weather last week was pretty rotten, and I was actually quite glad that we’d be tasting a selection of yummy reds to warm me up after nearly getting blown away on the way to Uncorked.

 Our tasting for the evening was with Sarah from Wynns of Coonawarra, and for a treat she gave us five different black label Cabernet Sauvignons from 2004 – 2009; a ‘timeline of booze’ some might say. Vertical tasting of wines is a great way to see how different vintages are affected yearly; some drier than others, some more ‘oaky’: all very tasty.

Around the corner in the main Uncorked room, a wintery, wet Friday was forgotten and the party had already started. A fluffy rabbit vest and designer wellies and umbrellas were tossed aside and the music kicked off. I’d brought some friends along for the evening and we decided that the wine tasting needed to be complimented by bar food tasting: so a couple of mezze and cheese platters and a pizza were washed down by a few glasses of Riesling and Chardonnay (we wanted to test Wynns other varieties for something different).

 I’m a bit of a sucker for party pies, and the Uncorked gods must have heard my cries (or read my tweets) and delivered them, en mass. Unfortunately they chose the exact moment I left the room temporarily to unleash party pie fever. By the time I’d got back from a phone call outside, a single party pie was left on a big plate surrounded by crumbs, being closely guarded until my return!

 Definitely a good night with lots of great wine, great food, great music and a great way to shelter from the storm outside!

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