Uncorked: Hardy’s Wines

I’m now blogging and tweeting every Friday fortnight on behalf of the National Wine Centre in Adelaide. At each ‘Uncorked’ and Meet The Maker, I’ll be meeting people, tasting wines and offering some insight from the point of view of wine lover, not expert. Follow me on twitter (MAC_KATIE), keep an eye out for the #adelaide, #sawine, #safood, #natwinecentre and #uncorked tags, or check out the blogs every week here, or via the National Wine Centre on facebook. If you’re in town from 4:30pm onwards, drop by and sample some of the yummiest wines South Australia has to offer!

With one of South Australia’s great wine family’s presiding over the evening, Uncorked at the National Wine Centre was sure to be a treat.

Hardy’s Wines were front and centre on Friday night, where the art and science of winemaking were the main focus of the ‘Meet the Maker’ session. The beauty of blending from different regions in order to improve on an already great wine was definitely proven with the gorgeous Eileen Hardy Chardonnay and Shiraz blends. For those in the main bar, glasses of the elegant HRB Riesling or Tintara Cabernet Sauvignon were complimented with great music and a relaxed vibe.  Prawn dumplings and gourmet spring rolls made their way around the room to happy punters who shrugged off the windy weather and enjoyed the spring evening. A personal recommendation for your next night at Uncorked is a cheese platter, with a beautiful selection of dried figs, local cheeses and crunchy pistachios and hazelnuts; just don’t leave it sitting at the bar, which was so busy and energetic that my poor cheese plate was mistaken as part of the fabulous complimentary food: I turned my back for 30 seconds and someone else had discovered how yummy that blue brie was – it was gone!

As we’ve become more familiar with the Uncorked evenings, more friends have decided to join us and see what everyone is talking about. Friday was a fantastic night for catching up and enjoying the best South Australia has to offer.


One thought on “Uncorked: Hardy’s Wines

  1. I am enjoying the wine blogs. I am a wine lover, but no expert either…the more reds the better. This weekend, my little village of Safety Harbor, Florida is hosting their 10th annual wine festival, so I will be tweeting, tasting and looking forward to a great turnout of other wine loving peeps.

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