meet my crafty sidekick

i tend to refer a lot to my home life and family in a lot of my projects. one of the characters you’ll get to know a lot is my naughty torbie and resident ratbag cleo. cleo came to us 18mths ago via the rspca. when i same she ‘came to us’, i mean she was actually sitting in the middle of her little kitty cell, meowing insults at all the humans walking past. we did a full lap of all the cats before deciding we wanted to meet and interact with her specifically; by the time we got back to her cell (a massive 5mins later) she was in her box bed, cardboard shutter pulled down and refusing to get out. the volunteer had to literally drag her up and out while she protested loudly and lazily the whole time. we knew she was ours immediately 🙂

thanks to miss heidi for taking this photo of cleo

cleo is 3; she’s still a kitten in most respects: loves to run around the house and garden wildly, talks to birdies every afternoon, hides under furniture and jumps out for fun when you aren’t looking etc. She’s a tortoiseshell tabby which means she’s got tri-colour like a tortie, but instead of having blue or black, her dark colour is actually tabby stripes. she’s an expert at stealing hot water bottle warmth in the middle of the night, and she loves tummy rubs and laser tag. i must admit that save one cat i had growing up (marigold, my favourite pet of all time before cleo) i’ve never really been a cat person. you’ll see in the coming posts that i’ve since become a bonafide crazy cat lady: they sneak their way into a lot of my drawings and embroidery!

cleo dots


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