finding a class – laneway learning

i’ve been trying to get inspired and use my brain in a different way. for some people that means reading books, playing chess or completing crosswords. since starting my degree six years ago (i study part time), being creative and making things has been my ‘time out’. it’s strange that it took a really technical, logic driven career path to finally kick start the arty farty side of me; i’ve always liked to make things and write, but there’s been a degree of trepidation and resistance involved that’s usually to do with having ridiculous expectations. i’m not good at creating things when there is a deadline or external pressure involved, and as much as a career in design or writing would have been lovely, i would have cracked.

melbourne is definitely a city that encourages and inspires design and creativity. i struggled to find a beginners’ crochet course in adelaide and eventually had to teach myself via youtube tutorials, but in melbourne it’s almost a case of not having enough time to try everything on offer! some of the best classes i’ve found are with laneway learning: they cover everything from wine appreciation, to 3d printing, to crafts, to environmentalism, political theories and even ‘how to be happy’ classes. i’m heading to a beginner’s knitting class this wednesday night (believe it or not, i can’t knit: one hook is much easier to handle than two sticks moving in opposite directions) so i’ll be sure to add some knitting to the repertoire in the future. i recently went along to the paper flowers workshop that was facilitated by paperlou from paperlab (who also run their own workshops), and ross and i tried out the zombie appreciation class a couple of months back too! gggrrr, aaargh (insert joss whedon geek reference here).

i completely forgot to take photographs of my flowers i made at the tutorial, but i’ve managed to salvage one from twitter of my 3d rose that i snapped on the train ride, hence the dirty nails and bad lighting. you can find a great youtube tutorial for making poppies here!

paper rose


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