Information Literacy – Lifelong learning & the digital divide

Information literacy is often confused and constrained to the concept of ‘digital’ and ICT literacy; many public libraries choose to solely inform and educate patrons on social media and technology, without looking at the basic principles of information and self motivated learning. While ICT literacy and digital capability is important to many special needs groups in the community (job seekers, low income earners, children and older learners), placing all emphasis on digital literacy does not necessarily assist in empowering patrons to improve their information literacy and understand the process of exploring, evaluating, communicating and sharing information. In 2012 I wrote a journal article for review (ECU only) as part of my studies, outlining the challenges facing public libraries in implementing IL.


Where is the knowledge we have lost in information? Discussion paper.2013KH


Please note: I love sharing my ideas and knowledge with people, but I would appreciate acknowledgement if they are used or shared beyond this blog. These are original works that fall under plagiarism standards and creative commons licences.


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