low on posts and interesting stuff

i’m a little under the pump at the moment; i’m working pretty flat out on some workshops and seminars for my day job, and i’ve got a mammoth load of assignments due in the next week that have distracted me. i’m also trying to figure out how i can get my original research online without half the library sector in the US pinching it, as they did last week. it’s locked down and unavailable until i get a glass of wine and some bowie and change it into workable abstracts. as such, the blog is looking truly sad and pathetic and needs a big dose of tlc. go about your daily business for the next couple of weeks and when you come back, i promise it’ll be healthy and pretty and full to the brim with important and not so important, and generally fun stuff to read (may or not be fun). there’ll even be some gratuitous cat photos from our weekend away in daylesford. yep, when in daylesford most people take photos of spas or food or lakes, i take photos of cats. there are no badgers in daylesford.


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