fabric scraps

super crafty as i am, i still can’t sew. if i need anything finished off i send it to my gran in terrigal for machine sewing and then it makes it’s way back to me. i’ve got a massive pile of fabric off cuts & scraps waiting for the day i finally learn.

that being said, hand sewing isn’t a problem; i thought i’d give a couple of little projects a go to give the crochet a rest for a while. here’s my future fox pillow kit i picked up in daylesford; i’ve had some embroidery cotton hanging around so i changed a couple of colours & swapped the fabric from brown and pink to grey and apricot floral (which my gran has had in her stash for 20yrs)…



and i’m attempting a couple of the ric rac kits after this. chevron pussy cat, anyone?


let’s see how long it takes me to get sick of hand back-stitching everything, huh? lots of respect for the tailors and sewing gurus pre-sewing machine days. hard to believe everything, including silk lace was made by hand. those were the days!


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