Information Literacy & Community Development: programs for older learners

the average age of persons in Australia is increasing, with twenty-five percent of the overall population predicted to be in the over 65 age demographic by the year 2044/45 (Productivity Commission, 2005). this Information Literacy program has been designed to accommodate the interests of the older generation, and respond to the gap in information literacy amongst those over the age of 65. it was designed to engage the special needs and interests of older learners with the support and facilitation from volunteers in the community and local community groups specialising in family history and local history. this is a six week program, designed to encourage seniors to use the library catalogue, feel more confident on internet databases, and interact with peers. the program works through physical files and resources, electronic database resources (including Trove), and introduces them to social media applications such as pinterest and historypin.

Older Learners in the library_IL Program_June 2013_Katie Haden

note: this document is a beast as it was written as a report with background and justification for program development; if you’d rather not wade through 43 pages, head straight to page 10 for the program outline 🙂 


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