Blog June is coming

hooray! blogjune is upon us, which means i need to get the brain into gear for the first time in six months. i thought i’d start by quietly creeping back in with a short run down of how things have been since my last post in october. let the bullet list commence:

  • we headed back to tamworth for xmas in 2014, and it was very hot. and country. i forgot how country the country music capital really can be!
  • i moved to the other side of libraries in january, and joined a vendor. i’m still loving it.
  • we welcomed a new cat munchkin in to the family in early february in the form of Hugo our 6mth old grey kitten. cleo is yet to welcome him.
  • we started the renovations on our townhouse sometime in late march/mid april (i have completely lost touch of time and now judge it only the days left before i have a shower in the house again). works still underway!
  • my lovely younger sister has been busy prepping for her wedding in 2016 and so i have tried on many an ugly chiffon dress, and quite a few nice ones.
  • we had a rat living in the house. it was still alive. i’m still traumatised.
  • i’ve joined committees, left committees, made blankets, unravelled blankets, and had a lot of leisure time from study and research.

unfortunately that’s been about it for the main calendar events so far. big milestones, but tiny task targets! more info on most of these will be coming shortly.


(i also drew my own dancing cats and then made them into a gif. probably my proudest achievement in FY2014/2015 to date! )


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