never had no [favourite] ever

i discovered the smiths in 2009 when i finally allowed my husband to play more of his ‘same sounding bland english mopey lahlah music’ (as i frequently describe it). ‘some girls are bigger than others’ sounded like a stupid title. so did ‘girlfriend in a coma’. maybe i was being too literal, but knowing my husband’s sense of humour i figured i was missing out on some truly terrible british comedy à la  mr blobby.

then i realised that the song i loved and listened to the most on mark ronson’s ‘version’ album (2007) was a smiths cover, and i relented.

oh my.
OH. MY. ross was right. i was silly to resist for as long as i did.

i did a fair bit of thinky brain work today while listening to ‘the queen is dead’ from start to finish without the shuffle option interfering. i have no favourites, i love them all equally, but my top tracks on my favourite album are probably (in no particular order):

  • the queen is dead
  • frankly mr shankly
  • i know it’s over
  • never had no one ever
  • cemetary gates
  • bigmouth strikes again
  • the boy with the thorn in his side
  • vicar in a tutu
  • there is a light that never goes out
  • some girls are bigger than others

you see what i did there? it is IMPOSSIBLE to choose favourites.

this IS my favourite guitar riff though. i’ll leave you to enjoy morrissey (said very few ever)……



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