blogjune habits: why I’m light on library posts (so far) 

this is my first blogjune, and I’m not sure if it was meant to be a library focused thing, but I’m blogging about other stuffs instead. here’s why you can expect to see only one or two library posts in the next month: 

  • I’m newish to libraries and very new to working for a vendor; still navigating the path between the two (and loving every minute of it!); 
  • I’ve said LOTS about libraries for about six years as part of my studies. there is a life outside libraries I also want to share;
  • I’m going through an extended listening stage. maybe it’s because I’m on the peripheral/I get to know lots of different libraries as part of my role, but I feel I want to just listen to what other people have to say for a while. highly recommended for all (very rarely practised in many cases);
  • my blogging has always been a hobby; I talk shop A LOT and I’d love to keep blogging separate;
  • I’ve never really blogged library stuff and I think it’s kind of strange to start now for the sake of blogjune;
  • not everyone reading my blog is a librarian. I equate it to my husband’s animated conversations about level crossings and signalling cablesand frankly, I’d skip that blog if it existed 🙂 

I love libraries and I’m super passionate. I talk a bunch about them, I like hearing about experiences and I always have opinions about education and learning. you can hear me drop truth bombs and get in the debates at Twitter. my handle is @katie_haden 


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