all’s fair in love and footy tipping

I’m currently in a pub watching the demons take on collingwood and cursing both teams. I don’t even really follow afl being a nsw native and coming from a rugby league family, but I joined the oclc tipping comp this year and it’s brought out the competitive nut lurking in me.

I picked the demons as my team when I moved to melbourne two years ago. they were absolute rubbish, but we stayed in East melbourne for the first month, and every day I walked past a gorgeous federation terrace with a demon flag permanently attached to the verandah. I admired the commitment even as the team threw themselves to the bottom of the ladder. plus, I’m a contrary pain in the bum who will deliberately pick the crappiest team to follow, just to annoy people 🙂

the only rule I have in tipping competitions is the no loyalty rule: all is fair in tipping. if my team is going to get smashed in the next round, I’m not backing them. that’s just bad risk management, after all! with that in mind, I’m currently cursing this game for many reasons, but here are the two biggest:

I can’t stand Collingwood, but I backed them because they posed the least risk, and they look like they are in trouble;

I love melbourne, but I didn’t back them, and they are coming back with convincing confidence.

I don’t know what is stranger: the fact I’m in a football tipping comp, the fact it isn’t rugby league (we really do love our league in my family), or the fact I’m watching it in a pub when I don’t even understand it!!

now comes the part where I have to wish my team lose to regain my 2nd place spot in the comp! booooooooo for sports loyalty!!!

*post subject to change depending on outcome in 4th quarter.
*update. melbourne lost. choices no longer being questioned 🙂


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