monday schmonday. here’s meme tuesday.

my workmates are used to hearing my proclaim frequently ‘tuesday is the new monday’, usually when being confronted with the enormous email backlog i have to get through (today i had 377 in my inbox alone, not including the others hiding in folders).

with that in mind, today i thought i’d go with ‘meme monday on tuesday’. it has absolutely nothing to do with the fact i forgot yesterday was monday due to the public holiday, i swear. *whistles suspiciously*

i’m reading – girl with a monkey by thea astley. i also have a book on economics that i flick through, looking at pie graphs (still getting a better grasp on the subject than the current treasurer, apparently). apart from that it the gossip blogs, the newspapers (mainly bbc and guardian), twitter feeds, library journal, and whatever buzzfeed lists involving cats and the 80s the week throws at me.

i’m watching –the vampire diaries. i just started. i like it.

i’m cooking – HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA that’s hilarious. i have no kitchen. i’m microwaving. you don’t want to know what i’m microwaving.

i’m drinking
 – wine. it’s always wine. i love adelaide hills chardonnay (somerled is my favourite), and dry roses like morning rose, which is also organic. i also love a really good mclaren vale grenache or tempranillo, and hunter valley shiraz.

i’m thinking
– about water conservation. not having a bathroom or working kitchen for over two months has given me perspective on consumption and the old ‘want vs. need’ debate. yesterday i had a shower in my back garden with no more than a single 3L bucket of hot water, and it was plenty: that’s kind of scary when you consider the average shower uses 7L per minute with water saving showerheads etc. i’ve always been a 4 minute max person coming from the country, but it’s been an eye-opener how much we really need and use.

i’m taking
– too much time to get back into an exercise routine. it’s happening this week.

i’m missing
– nsw. little bit homesick at the moment, i have to admit. not so much for the rural spots, but definitely missing sydney and the coast right now.

i’m enjoying
– scrappy crochet; i’m not allowed to buy any yarn until i finish using the majority in my stash. i’m in the middle of an ugly cushion cover.

i’m planning
– my lounge room. i should be planning my nls7 presentation, which i will start planning at the end of the week.

i’m listening – to spotify playlists. i pay for the full subscription option every month, and i love listening to artists i’d not necessarily discover any other way. i’m also a big fan of richard fidler and listen to his ‘conversations’ show online when i’ve got some thinky thinky stuff to do. classical music at night when i go to sleep (NO OPERA OR CHORAL).


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