5 goals for June 2016 

  • blog every day, even if it’s just a list or quick comment: to start, to continue, to complete it. 
  • find a successful, efficient way to manage my emails without filtering them all off, never to be seen again. * 
  • to have a 10 push up minimum by the end of the month, with the assistance of my ‘100 push-ups’ app I downloaded 6 years ago (and never completed: there is a theme emerging for June 2016….) 
  • pictures on the wall, carpet on the floor, wardrobes installed and organised, buckets/bags/boxes of clothes and linen to be unpacked and new homes found for everything: I want my house finished. 
  • to leave Melbourne for more than one day, even if it means Geelong: I want some time off. 

*i remain highly sceptical this will be achieved 

not melbourne

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