About Katie

La Dérive du Sud translates to ‘the drift of the south’ or ‘the southern drift’ in French; la dérive was a popular movement created by French situationalists in the 1950s and basically follows the theory of ‘drifting’ through unknown areas on foot and ‘taking it all in’.

I have a terrible memory. When we’re in the moment, we don’t really tend to see what the big deal is: walking down a particular street, eating at an average cafe, or even driving to a suburb of no consequence. It’s only later, when perhaps another seemingly irrelevant moment occurs that a flash of memory appears, and we realise “Hang on: have I been here?”

This is a record of all those irrelevant moments. What started as a basic log of places and experiences to refer to for future reference has begun to evolve into a personal journey of fun and adventure. After 26 years in NSW, I moved to Brisbane in Queensland. Three years later I realised I hadn’t written anything down about the experience. While Brisbane is a place hard to forget, it would have been lovely to track my progress from wide eyed tourist to in-the-know local. Suburbs changed so quickly in Brisbane I actually managed to convince myself that maybe those buildings had always been there: I’d just never noticed them before. Of course, this wasn’t the case. In March 2011, Ross and I decided to settle in Adelaide, South Australia for what was initially going to be a six month contract. Rather than let the time pass idly and my mind play tricks again, I thought this was the opportunity I needed to kill two birds with one stone: keep an ongoing, up to date record of our journeys down here, while also using the blog as an opportunity to showcase some of South Australia’s hidden gems to friends, family and strangers who weren’t so familiar.

So here I am, wandering around the city, falling off bikes and eating strange food from street carts. Occasionally we will wander outside the SA borders – I’m keeping track of these too. Feel free to drop me a line or comment, or share some stories and adventures of your own!!!


3 thoughts on “About Katie

  1. Umm, so, weirdest thing ever, I moved to Adelaide with my husband in march this year from Brisbane.

    What the?

    Pretty sure we just instantly became best friends…

    1. Haha! That’s awesome! How are you finding Adelaide? We’re loving it: they have decent pubs that don’t have a ‘pink muscle t-shirt/flammable mini dress’ door policy. Maybe all us ex-Brisbane, new Adelaide bloggers shoudl get together and share stories and exploring ideas!

      1. YES. that’s a great idea.

        We’re really enjoying it here too. The local culture, the easy-going-ness of the night life, the apparent lack of ratty extensions and orange skinned females (relatively speaking, in comparison to Brisvegas of course).

        And the food is great! So local and fresh!

        Although we do miss Brisbane quite dearly at times, we are altogether happy with our decision to relocate.

        Are you planning on staying here for any specific amount of time? I think I read 6 months somewhere…

        Anyway, hope you do something delightful with yourselves this weekend! X

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