ugly crochet update

I thought I’d share some piccies of the ugly crochet I mentioned in meme tuesday. here is the cushion cover I’m working on while watch vampire diaries courtesy of Netflix: 


it was made out of scraps from the loosely termed “scrappy” blanket, which ended up actually increasing my stash by about 20 balls of wool when I realised I needed waaaaaay more colour options than I had available! 

and these are the two blanket thieves that claimed it as soon as it was finished! 


a baby blanket for odette

i’ve been flat out trying to finish this semester of university and get my degree completed, so the posts have been few and far between. in amongst the cold weather, the study and working, ross and i have become an aunty and uncle for the first time! little odette frances haden arrived in birmingham, uk […]