BYOD research – literature review

Bring Your Own Device isn’t a new concept, but it is one that is going to change the way knowledge and learning is delivered in organisations and education institutions. The following literature review identifies existing case studies and research into BYOD network design and implementation in vocational and higher education institutions. This review was prepared […]

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Information Literacy & Community Development: programs for older learners

the average age of persons in Australia is increasing, with twenty-five percent of the overall population predicted to be in the over 65 age demographic by the year 2044/45 (Productivity Commission, 2005). this Information Literacy program has been designed to accommodate the interests of the older generation, and respond to the gap in information literacy […]

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information risk assessment

when you start talking ‘information security’ with people, most of the time they think the conversation is about malware and computer viruses. to some extent it is: information is definitely at risk of being intercepted or stolen via malware, and malware accounts for the majority of web-based information thefts these days. but ‘information’ isn’t limited […]

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Managing global and virtual teams

an example of a wiki page created for an information services knowledge management wiki. all information attributed to katie haden where references are not provided. an online web presentation link is also available. Context Advances in technology have meant that companies have been able to adopt more global approaches to management in the last decade. […]

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