BYOD research – literature review

Bring Your Own Device isn’t a new concept, but it is one that is going to change the way knowledge and learning is delivered in organisations and education institutions. The following literature review identifies existing case studies and research into BYOD network design and implementation in vocational and higher education institutions. This review was prepared for NMIT as part of my current role, and has been reproduced with permission. Please apply correct attribution if you wish to reproduce any part of it.


Infoservices_BYOD_Literature Review_16052014





Operating Systems: File Transfer Protocol

FTP plays an important (if somewhat under-estimated) role in library and information systems theory: copyright law, data and information sharing protocols are all impacted by the increase in peer to peer networking and FTP technology in the past ten years. The report attached outlines the history of P2P networking, and its impact on copyright and information sharing practices since the Napster case.


FTP – history & development.Katie Haden, 2012


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