Back from the abyss…..

It has been a very, very long time between drinks. What with studying, and working, and welcoming our newest Haden deriver in the form of Cleo the cat, I’ve neglected to record a single adventure from 2012. For the next month or so I shall endeavour to go through 12 months of photos and facebook posts and put together some semblance of a blog that can document all the fun times and wonderful things Ross and I have experienced that are missing on La Derive. Thanks for your patience!! 

Four More Reasons Why I Love Waywood Wines

Summer and red wine are not usually a good combination. The extra heat in the air and the need for all things cool don’t necessarily bring forth a strong hankering for tannin and texture. The 2010 Quattro Vini by Waywood Wines is a perfect summer drop for all occasions. Soft enough to hold up to the heat, but still rich and full of passion, it looks like a red but behaves more like a gutsy rosé. With gorgeous floral notes of rose giving way to burnt marshmallow and vanilla, the Quattro is a combination of four of my favourite wines.

As a dead set Grenache and Tempranillo lover, this wine has impressed me. It’s one that is fabulously versatile; from the tapas bar, to the family bbq, to the balcony for late afternoon Sunday drinks. And, if you’re like me, it’s a great one to put in the bicycle basket and take down to the River Torrens for a low key picnic. Admittedly, I didn’t really attempt to match it perfectly with a set menu, but that’s the beauty of the medium bodied red wines: they go with everything. Even an assortment of macarons, a good book and an afternoon of lazing in the sun, as I discovered! Perfecto!

On A Carousel

I can’t actually remember the last time I headed to a show day, but I wasn’t missing The Royal Adelaide Show in my first year down here! Ross didn’t know what a showbag was, so there was no excuse really: I needed to put him straight (seriously – no showbags in the UK?!?! Isn’t that […]

To the Manor Born….

There’s no such thing as a day indoors avoiding wet weather when you’re married to an Englishman. The Brits are like ducks on a day out when the rain sets in: umbrellas come out, wellies go on and people do not stay inside playing board games. We’ve just put a week of miserable weather behind us, but I’ve still managed to clock up one of the busiest weekends since we got here.Read More »