La Derive

In 2011 I began my first blog as a way of documenting my move to Adelaide from Brisbane. In 12mths  ‘La Derive’ became a beast unto itself; I managed to pick up a side gig blogging for the National Wine Centre in Adelaide as part of their Friday social events, and even had a couple of local wineries use me for marketing and tasting purposes! (no complaints here, believe me).

A few technical issues with a home browser and a major downgrade in internet capability meant that I couldn’t blog on La Derive for 3 months; anyone who’s ever written steadily knows how dangerous a break can be, and as a result of that coupled with a heavier work load, I never managed to regain momentum.

La Derive still exists, if only for prosperity; I’ve kept her live and hope to get the cogs turning again some day. In the meantime, head on over to read all about Adelaide, South Australia, wine and other adventures in Australia and beyond.

La Derive – The Drift South


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