Did I library good? 

Here we go with the impossibly long-winded blog post. i said i wasn’t really going to write about libraries in this blog, and i’m not. but i think it’s probably my turn to stoke the impostor syndrome fire that was started last week by Kate in a blog post that was so right I could […]

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Monday meme: six word blog

impostor syndrome, or lack of ego?   

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whinesday: renovations

admittedly i’m writing this in a pretty foul temper. and yes, it’s first world problems and at least I own a house blah blah blah. I know. I get it. we’re at the tail end of our renovations to our late 70s townhouse. I think we’ve got about two weeks left. I’m not sure, because […]

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meme tuesday – layering your thoughts

thanks fi for this meme, which i’m finding particularly difficult to answer! i think i have a thick layer of sarcasm and cynicism built into my onion which needs to be surgically removed. LAYER ONE: THE OUTSIDE What’s your preferred name? Katie. It’s my real name. I’m not a Katherine or a Kate/Kaitlyn. I get called […]

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ugly crochet update

I thought I’d share some piccies of the ugly crochet I mentioned in meme tuesday. here is the cushion cover I’m working on while watch vampire diaries courtesy of Netflix:          it was made out of scraps from the loosely termed “scrappy” blanket, which ended up actually increasing my stash by about 20 balls […]

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