Who is Katie?

IMG_1293Katie was born in a small country town in NSW, Australia where locals loved Johnny Cash and Perry Como and thought anyone shopping in a thrift store was down on their luck or slightly mad. When Katie was 5, she moved to a bigger town where they worshipped Slim Dusty and Lee Kernaghan and spent many afternoons making library cataloguing cards for her books out of bits of cereal boxes. To this day she charges 20c per day for late fees on any borrowed books (may or may not be true). While she grew up resisting the wail of Slim and Lee, Katie liked to pretend she could draw and paint and would create masterpieces that included ‘man with flip flops’ and ‘still life of a wall’. Unfortunately these works were not well received: she believes their potential will only be realised after her death, like all the great artists.

Years later, Katie made the vow like all teenage girls to never turn into her mother and left for the big smoke. She has since travelled to many countries, lived in four major cities in Australia, worked in countless roles in administration, design and events and started a university degree. She has also taught herself crochet, extended her drawing capability to works including ‘man with flip flops and a hat’ and ‘still life of a wall and a vase’ and has developed a deep love for Johnny Cash records. She will graduate in 2014 from a Bachelor of IT (Information Services) and become a qualified librarian. Just like her mother.

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